We are a small publishing company, but we strive to create the best product possible. We are looking for stories that are clean and ready for publication, so we do as little editing as possible, but we do edit.

Poetry: No
Screen Plays: NO
Fiction: Yes
Non Fiction: Yes

Green Gecko pays  $.01 per word for fiction. For nonfiction and special projects Green Gecko pays $.02 cents per word.

Simultaneous submission: Okay
Multiple submissions: Okay, but submit more than two stories at a time.
Reprints: Okay. GGP accepts well edited stories that have had a readership of less than 200 people. Pay is a flat $5.00 for stories under 2000 words and $10.00 for stories over that. Offers of publication may be rescinded if I or a volunteer has to use Google to find out  your story was previously published. In other words, tell us in your cover letter if your story was previously published.

Standard Format:
  1. double spaced
  2. Times New Roman or Courier New font
  3. single return after the period
  4. No indents or hard returns
  5. Your name, story title and word count  the header
  6. .txt, .doc, .docx formats please
  7. Submit through submittable
  8. Send us a cover letter: Tell us the title of the story, whether it's been published and how many words it is. For example: "Please consider my previously unpublished (published on my blog) submission 'The Best Story Ever.' It is approximately 20 words."  (Feel free to copy and past your info into this format. )
  9. Include a brief bio. I like to know about you.

Green Gecko Publishing is currently seeking three to four non-fiction stories for Passion for Ghosts, and writers for futute projects. Please submit a creative non-fiction sample. We are looking for writers who can tell a true story in a lively and engaging voice. If you are not interested in writing a real ghost story, please mention what topics you may be interested in writing about in the future..  

Please submit a sample between 300 and 500 words. It does not have to be related to the intended topic. We're looking for writiers to create content between 500 and 3500 words in length. Payment for the assignment will be paid $.02 per word with a mininum payment of $10.00. If you have and idea of your own in mind, please include a brief description in your query.