I am a sparatic blogger and somtimes have contests. 

Standard Format:

  1.  double spaced
  2.  Times New Roman or Courier New font
  3.  single return after the period
  4.  No indents or hard returns
  5.    Your name, story title and word count  the header
  6. .txt, .doc, .docx formats please
  7.   Submit through submittable
  8.     Send us a cover letter: Tell us the title of  the story, whether it's  been published and how many words it is. For example: "Please  consider my previously unpublished (published  on my blog) submission 'The Best Story Ever.' It is approximately 20  words."  (Feel free to copy and past your info into this format. )
  9. Include a brief bio. I like to know about you. 

Read my blog post. http://www.marielr.com/first-blog/lets-talk-emoticon-and-have-a-contest 

 I will choose one winner who can interpret my message in the most meaningful and amusing way.

Each picture can represent multiple words, whole ideas, incomplete ideas,  incomplete sentences and the kitchen sink.  The winner will receive a  $50.00 grand prize via PayPal. If you don't have PayPal account I will  send you an Amazon gift card instead.  The contest will end August first 2018.  

Mariel Zuchniak